About Us

Our Mission & Vision

A ministry founded on Isaiah 61:1-3, our mission is to bring the good news of healing, salvation, freedom, restoration, and hope to all!

Through healing and life-transforming events & conferences, our personal & marriage coaching services, youth flag & dance ministry, and prophetic ministry, we empower and equip others to reach and operate in their fullest potential emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Our events and coaching services utilize the foundation and practical word of God to help build a healthy image, healthy relationships, and a healthy spiritual journey with God at the core.

In The Springs, you will receive:

    • Emotional healing, acceptance, and connection.
    • A greater understanding and knowledge of who you are (your identity) in Christ.
    • The ability to live an authentic, meaningful life.
    • Deeper and more meaningful relationships.
    • Teachings and training to grow in your spiritual gifts and calling.
    • Breakthroughs to experience life, and that more abundantly!

We desire hearts healed, souls restored, lives transformed, and each person walking in joy, purpose, and success.

Abundant living starts here. Join us!