About Us

Our Mission & Vision

We host engaging, healing and life-transforming events & conferences empowering and equipping others to reach and operate in their fullest potential emotionally, socially and spiritually. In The Springs, you will experience:
  • Emotional healing.
  • Deeper and more meaningful relationships.
  • Spiritual awakenings and deeper levels of intimacy with God.

We want to see hearts healed, relationships grow, spiritual eyes opened and souls reformed.

Our Story

What began as a childhood desire to encourage others through difficulties has ultimately matured into the passion to see women healed from hurts and set free from emotional bondage.

Each one of us is born with purpose and destiny. Period. Yet, oftentimes negative situations and painful experiences happen in our lives that seek to thwart, stop or abort the fulfillment of God’s design, and we end up living beneath the privilege Christ died for us to receive.

It is not God’s desire that we live broken, shattered lives. It is not His will that we were abused, overlooked or rejected. I learned that it IS God’s will and in His power to restore every broken piece of our lives so that we can live life, and that more abundantly. We want to share this with you!

Abundant living starts here. Join us!