Living With the Vision

As I stood in my kitchen Sunday afternoon preparing dinner, pondering this coming week of my birthday, all the unknowns and the inability to really plan anything due to the ever-changing, almost moment-by-moment restrictions being announced by our government leaders, there was a sense of heaviness in my spirit, the likes of someone having placed weights on my shoulders. Heaviness. I had been...
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I Know the Plans!

In my last letter, I wrote about "change being inevitable and growth being optional".  Holy Spirit isn't done with this yet. Even though we have begun embracing the new, determined to grow and be transformed, some of us are still experiencing a form of grief. Have you resigned yourself to hold onto God with everything you have, yet are still in mourning? Is there a lingering shadow of sorrow...
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Change Is Inevitable. Growth is Optional.

We are more than mid-way through the last month of summer and the tinglings of fall are in the air. Change is on the way. I don't know about you, but it does not matter how long I've lived in Rochester (and, it's been a long time!!), I still dread the thought of the end of summer! However, I know that no matter what I WANT, the reality is, fall WILL come, with winter following closely on its...
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