Change Is Inevitable. Growth is Optional.

We are more than mid-way through the last month of summer and the tinglings of fall are in the air. Change is on the way. I don't know about you, but it does not matter how long I've lived in Rochester (and, it's been a long time!!), I still dread the thought of the end of summer! However, I know that no matter what I WANT, the reality is, fall WILL come, with winter following closely on its...
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Count it ALL Joy!

Happy New Year! We have embarked upon 2019 with hope and expectation. Each day is created by the Lord God, and is prepared with blessings of peace, provision and victory.  I rejoice at the thought of it all! I rejoice at the thought of victory on every hand! Many times, I have cried tears of joy in God's Presence and at the knowledge that He will provide for my every need. For me, this is an...
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