False Burden Bearing

“False burden bearing involves carrying a false responsibility in relationship to someone. It can often start off with good intentions and healthy motives, but can turn sour, where there is no longer an ability to release the cares and weight of the other person’s problem.” ~ Mark DeJesus

This is BIG for women — especially when it comes to our spouses, children or other family members. 

Many women (and men) are living a life filled with worry, fear, guilt and anxiety. They are moved and being directed by their natural senses and the emotions of those they love.

Yes, we have responsibilities in these important relationships, however we must not get things mixed up and so twisted where we begin to carry false requirements of ourselves

Beautiful One, it is not God’s intent for you to handle every seemingly negative situation, experience or difficulty your loved one faces, subsequently faltering under the weight that only God can carry, and wants to carry for you! 

If you or I were required to bear all the pain of difficult or challenging experiences, we would not be instructed to “cast your cares… or “be anxious for nothing…” or “lay aside every weight…” 

Yes, we should care. And yes, we should pray. But, are you praying and leaving the cares at the feet of Jesus? Or, are you praying because you are overwhelmed, anxious and afraid; the concerns are consuming your thoughts — they are weighing on youIf this is the platform of your prayer, this is a false burden. You must lay it aside.

Let us not go beyond the pleasant boundaries of God’s Word, work, promise and purpose.

If you are carrying, or bearing false burdens today, repent (change your mind). Lay aside the weight. Turn your attention to Jesus, trust Him, and allow His Lordship to govern your life. Float on the wings of His love, and experience freedom and joy!!  

Scripture Meditation: 1 Peter 5:7, Philippians 4:6; Hebrews 12:1-2b

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