I Know the Plans!

In my last letter, I wrote about “change being inevitable and growth being optional“.  Holy Spirit isn’t done with this yet. Even though we have begun embracing the new, determined to grow and be transformed, some of us are still experiencing a form of grief.

Have you resigned yourself to hold onto God with everything you have, yet are still in mourning? Is there a lingering shadow of sorrow tapping you on the shoulder, diverting your attention from focused, forward movement? You know, the “I have set my face like flint” forward movement. (Isaiah 50:7)

Grieving doesn’t necessarily mean that you are still yearning for things to remain as they were. Your grief may be attached to a time and season. For example, you may feel a loss of community or connectedness experienced in times past. Perhaps a loss of confidence, or sense of security. Even a loss of resources.

Whatever it is, God knew exactly what you would be experiencing as He called you into this new season of influence and acceleration. And, God is so amazing that you don’t have to live with loss! He promises to restore to you the things lost and even the things taken from you!

If you are still experiencing sorrow or grief today from past seasons, don’t feel condemned. At the same time, don’t get comfortable and stay there too long. Those lingering feelings of loss or harm are not from God, nor His intentions for you. Holy Spirit wants to help you pinpoint that source of grief so you can be healed and move forward — whole.

Let God bring comfort and healing during this time of repositioning, as He reminds you, and me…

I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.
~ Jeremiah 29:11 (MSG)