Living With the Vision

As I stood in my kitchen Sunday afternoon preparing dinner, pondering this coming week of my birthday, all the unknowns and the inability to really plan anything due to the ever-changing, almost moment-by-moment restrictions being announced by our government leaders, there was a sense of heaviness in my spirit, the likes of someone having placed weights on my shoulders. Heaviness.

I had been fighting anxiety, wondering what in the world (literally) is going on?!?!  I have never seen a state of such Global impact. Borders closing, schools closing, staff being laid off, face masks, sickness, death…

Restrictions to grocery stores, food, schools, places of employment, movie theaters, gyms, toilet paper (what??), and not to mention last…PEOPLE!! Social distancing.

I was hoping I was winning my fight to stay in peace, however depression was subtly setting in. I was feeling the fear that has been released. A sense of mass hysteria as if it is the end of the world. Movies like Outbreak, Legend and Bird Box, and a whole host of dooms day movies I’ve watched (and wished I hadn’t at this point), danced through my mind.

And then, in God’s NEVER changing way of faithfulness (Numbers 23:19), I was reminded of a message I heard last year: “Living With the Vision“. It was preached by a guest speaker: Pastor Gerald Coleman at New Life Fellowship Church on Sunday, February 17, 2019.

A light, yet powerful truth jumped right into my mind: “We don’t die, we multiply.”  I was reminded that even in the state of captivity (restrictions), God wants us to live like we’re free! God WILL prosper us in captivity.

As I write this, I am also reminded of the many prophetic words released for 2020. The year of 20/20 vision of clarity and focus. Also, the phrase “Hindsight is 20/20” – learning from our past to make better choices for our future.

Hmmm….this is rather interesting being that God knows ALL things. Even with His foreknowledge of what is happening now with COVID-19, He said we’d have greater clarity and focus.

How are we responding to the stress of such uncertainly and restrictions in this year of 2020 vision?? How are we Living. With. the. Vision.

I want to share a bit of the message from Pastor Coleman here. I believe it was indeed a prophetic word and has helped to restore my clarity and focus for what is happening now in this season.

You will have to contact New Life Fellowship Church for the full message!  I believe it will bless you and help you to not give up hope, to not stop creating, to not stop living during this season of stress and uncertainty, but how to thrive in THIS new season.