Life-Changing Events

This is a year of breakthrough, a year of renewed vision and a year of investing in ourselves through celebration, healing and friendship. You are worthy of love, joy and the best of all that God has for you. So, step into the springs. You’ll be glad you did!

Are you considering Marital Coaching?  Click here for information on our #BetterTogether Pre-Marital Coaching and Married Couples Events.  

2020 Events will be posted soon!

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2 Replies to “Life-Changing Events”

  1. Healing Springs events create a warm, welcoming environment. Whether you know the others in the room or not, you feel a sense of trust and respect. I attended The Dating Game, which was held on Saturday, June 30, 2018. It was well worth the time I invested. This is a genuine organization, led by genuine people who are passionate about helping others.

  2. Janelle,
    We do our very best to ensure all feel welcomed and to provide a safe atmosphere for people to share their thoughts and feelings, so this note is extremely uplifting and encouraging to hear!! Thank you so much and Blessings!
    Hope to see you at another event soon!

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